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    Catching Up with Daly

    Senior Allie Daly
    Senior Allie Daly
    Aug. 6, 2014

    VERMILLION, S.D. – A summer spent at Minnesota Twins and pre-season Vikings games would be enough to keep most undergraduates busy, but senior catcher Allie Daly has also been job-shadowing at Acucare Physical Therapy and giving softball lessons.

    Daly, a psychology major at South Dakota on a pre-physical therapy track, has known Acucare’s physical therapist, Sue Creel, since childhood.

    “I have always been interested in going into physical therapy and with graduation looming I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more and get some hours in,” said Daly.

    On a day-to-day basis, Daly shadows Creel to learn about both the physical therapy and the business side of Acucare. Daly observes Creel’s therapy treatments including ultrasound, needling and an Alter-G treadmill. While Daly spends most of her time observing different treatments, she has also been given the opportunity to do laser treatment on her own. On the business side, Daly works with another intern to market the Alter-G treadmill.

    “The Alter-G is a unique treadmill that makes your body weightless, as if you are on the moon when walking on it,” Daly said. “Acucare has the only Alter-G in South Dakota, so it is relatively unknown around here. We have been working on a marketing plan to get customers to come in and use the treadmill.”

    While a majority of her classes have been focused around psychology, Daly has also had to take some kinesiology and sports science related courses to stay on the pre-physical therapy track for graduate school. These courses have helped her understand the work Creel does.

    “As I am watching her work, I remember little things I have learned in class and notice how she uses that knowledge in her therapy,” Daly said. “It is important to know all of the different muscle groups or areas in the body that can have problems that need therapy.”

    Twice a week, Daly makes a quick trip south to Vermillion to teach softball lessons to kids age 12-14.

    “It has been a great opportunity to help the kids in the area but it also helps me perfect my skills,” Daly said. “By teaching someone else, I have to make sure that I am correctly demonstrating different techniques. I think these lessons have helped me build leadership skills while also working with kids. It will help me in softball and also when I go on with physical therapy.”

    Between the two summer jobs, Daly spends her free time working out using the lifting programs provided by the strength and conditioning coaches. She has also been practicing hitting and fielding on her own. Daly and her family are also big Twins fans, so her free weekends are spent taking trips to Minneapolis to watch them play. This Friday she will be in Minneapolis for a pre-season Vikings game against the Oakland Raiders.

    After receiving her bachelor’s degree in May, Daly plans to continue her education at a physical therapy school in the Midwest.

    “South Dakota has always been my number one choice for post-graduate school,” Daly said. “They have a great physical therapy program and that is why I came here for my undergraduate degree.”

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